Welcome to the forum - Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the CQC forum!

  • I’m Dorothy.
  • I’m working at Tuple with Ben
  • I’ll be helping running this course
  • I work in Ruby and JavaScript

Looking forward to hearing from all of you :slight_smile:


Hi there,

my name is Martin. I have been working with Ruby for the last 16 years and still enjoy it a lot. Currently, I work as a Principal Engineer together with a wonderful team at Localyze and help people move across borders.

Looking forwards to get new input and perspective on code quality.

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Hi, my name is Eric. I’m also currently working mainly in Ruby and Javascript. I work as an application developer for the University of Minnesota.

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Hi, my name is Junaid. I am currently working as a senior software engineer. In my day-to-day work, I mainly work with PHP on the backend and Javascript on the front end, and also lead a small team of software and QA engineers.


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:wave: Nice meeting you, and thanks for running this challenge!

My name is Lud; I’m a mathematician turned software engineer. I’m working in Ruby, Rust, HCL, shell, and JavaScript (if I must :D) doing DevOps, Security, and backend as a team & tech lead engineer.

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Hello there!

  • I’m Nanonej
  • Working at ilek right now, allowing people to consume renewable energy as a power source.
  • I am a back end developer mainly extending our central API at ilek.
  • I work mainly in Ruby on Rails.

Nice to meet you all!

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My name is Sho, currently working with Java & Scala.
Good to be here.

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Hi, I’m Clare. I’m really interested in refactoring and testing as a way to help evolve hard-to-main code.

I’ve used C++ a lot, some Python - and these days I’ve taken over responsibility for some widely-used TypeScript code.

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Hi @dorothy - thanks for running this.

I’m a bit puzzled by the closing date in the email. Can you please advise?

As I understand it, it’s 30 exercises, sent out Monday to Friday.
Outlook reckons the last one will be Monday 13th Feb.
And the intro email says:

The last one will go out February 1st

What have I misunderstood? :slight_smile:

Hey everyone👋

I’m Adrian. I’ve been a developer for about 11 years now and have been working with Rails since 2016. This is my first time doing the code quality challenge.

Looking forward to this challenge :v:

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Hello! I’m Nick. I’ve been creating and maintaining software for 20 years. My day job is overseeing the digital communications at Wayne State University.

I primarily work in PHP and Laravel but have a number of Javascript projects that are due for some code quality attention.

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Hi all. I’m Andy.

I manage the dev team at CPOMS. We’re a SaaS company using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript (VueJS).

Looking forward to spending 20 mins a day on something new.

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I’m Dave. I’ve been programming for a very long time and have been doing ruby for a few years now.

I am always looking forward to learning more.

Thanks for putting this on,

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Hey, I’m Connor. I’m a developer at Grafana and building SwipeWell.app on the side. Planning on doing the challenge for my side project but also doing some of the tasks on the project I work on at day job.

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:wave:t2: Hi, I’m Jackson!

  • San Francisco, CA :round_pushpin: Web Dev
  • JavaScript / TypeScript + have a little Python, and would :heart: to learn Go (which I hear is blazingly fast)
  • wrapped a contract in IoT at AWS recently, and actively looking for my next role
  • I plan to use the challenges when building abstractionjackson.com, my portfolio
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Hey! I’m Luigi!

I’m a full-stack developer at a small development agency called Deevoted, based in Albany NY.

Our agency does a lot of WordPress development for our clients, and when I’m not on a client project, I build and maintain a suite of internal tools and web apps built on top of the Laravel framework, that help us expedite our internal processes.

I’m always looking for ways to write cleaner, more maintainable code, and I’m excited for this challenge to push me to become an even better developer for my team.

You can find me on Tweeter, @loutagliatelle

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:wave: Hey, I’m Rado.

I’m Head of Engineering at Product Hunt.

Last couple of years, I have moved more to management and I want to keep my coding skills sharp.

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Hey! I’m Duncan :wave:

I’m from the UK & I’m a developer at a development agency called Steadfast Collective. I work with Laravel & PHP.

I’ve never done the Code Quality Challenge before but it sounds fun and it’s by Ben (massive fan of Tuple and AoP) so thought I’d give it a go.

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Hi I’m Manuel.

  • Right now I’m working in a bus company in Canary Islands (Spain). I work in the IT department (A department of 3 people) doing a little bit of everything.
  • I’ve done this course in 2018 and work real great to me so I decided to repeat again.
  • I work with a lot of languages but mainly with JS, python, C and ruby.
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