Welcome to the forum - Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the CQC forum!

  • I’m Dorothy.
  • I’m working at Tuple with Ben .
  • I’ll be helping running this course
  • I work in Ruby and JavaScript

Looking forward to hearing from all of you :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Ben, and I created this challenge you’ve decided to take on :slight_smile:

My day-job is being the CEO and co-founder of Tuple, a remote pair programming app. (Currently macOS-only, but coming to Linux soon).

I’m excited to be running a third cohort of the CQC. A few thousand people have gone through the challenge at this point, and I love hearing from folks having success cleaning up their codebases.

Welcome, everyone!


Hi Everyone,

I’m Andy, I work on about 100 different small applications for a non-profit. I really enjoyed the CQC last year. There is always room for improvement, and taking the time to look around with a perspective other than trying to solve the immediate problem can be so fruitful.

Thank you Ben & Dorthy for running this. I’m looking forward to it.



:wave: Hi all, I’m Colin!

I am a software consultant and indie hacker. In addition to selling my time for dollars to whoever will pay me to write Ruby, I also build several products along with a partner under the umbrella of our holding company, Nimble Industries, including:

  • StatusGator, a status page aggregator and monitoring service
  • VimTricks, an email newsletter publishing tips and tricks about Vim

Excited to slay some tech debt with everyone.


Hi! My name is Stephane Liu. I am a product manager and software lead for a team of dev for a government agency.

We have been developing solutions in Ruby on Rails since 2006 and we continue to lean into automations and playbooks to produce more robust and maintainable code.

I am happy to be a part of this cohort to learn from other dev’s experiences. Thanks @ben for creating this forum and @dorothy for guiding us through this!

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I am Keith Wedinger and I am a software engineer at Root Insurance. This is my 32nd year as a software engineer. I am currently doing a lot of Ruby on Rails and React Native/JS.



I am Mohammed A. Ibrahim, I am a full stack developer, currently working with vHelp. I speak Ruby in my free time and I love it. I am also fluent with JavaScript along React/React Native.

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Hello, I’m Guillaume Verger, I am a software engineer at Cisco. I’m currently working with Go, and during my free time, I like to play on little projects in Ruby and Go to make my life easier.

I’m excited to start :slight_smile:, and of course it will done with (neo)Vim!

Have fun everyone


Hi, I’m Daniel.

It’s good to meet you all. The CQC will be a good thing to do to really start the year :smiley:

I’m currently working on a three year old Rails + React project. Since the 2018 version of CQC helped me to improve the codebase of another project I decided to take the challenge again to improve this one as well.


Hello everyone :wave:

My name is Rohan, I’m a developer at Gobble and this is my first year taking part in CQC! I currently write in Ruby but am a Typescript fanboy at heart. I’m very excited to follow along and improve the codebase both at work and for my own personal project - Pantry.

Cheers! :beer:

Happy to be a part of this challenge

  • I’m Kori. Follow me on twitter. It’s free, why not?
  • I’m working at part time at JOGL (Just One Giant Lab) and will be doing this challenge with a coworker.
  • JOGL is open source! So y’all can call us on it if you don’t see the backend pull requests!
  • I do mostly Ruby. In a previous dev life I did frontend too, but our frontend wizards are so wizardy that I daren’t dabble further, lest I perturb their wizardry.

Hi I am Kritul,

Happy to be a part of this challenge. I am working as .Net Developer on with Health Care Services. I currently working on Angular 10, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core and Web API - C#. Exploring a bit on the AWS Cloud arena.

Excited to be here taking up the code quality challenge.


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Hello everyone,

I am Mike. I’ve been a mobile app developer for more than six years. It’s good to see many Ruby developers here. Because I’m learning Rails.

Thanks @ben who created this. Looking forward to having fun with you all.



I am Hector from Mexico City. I am a Senior developer and Dev Team leader at Virtus Medik. Our main product is a Hospital Information System. I currently work in Elixir.

Hi Colin,

It is nice to see you here. I am committed to learn Vim. I currently receive your VimTricks emails, and I am also a subscriber to your Git Better with Vim course.

Really enjoy both!


Hi, I’m Aleksandr.

I’m developer at https://Railsware.com working in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React.
Participated in previous cohort that finished earlier, hoping to get to the end this time

Hello :wave:

I am Aniket. I work at Last9 with @prathamesh

Really excited to take on this challenge. Looking forward to it


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Hi, I’m Nick. One of my goals for 2021 is to improve my programming skills the best I can. So I’m taking on any opportunity I can to do so. Looking forward to the challenges!

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Hi, I’m Julian!

I’m a freelance RoR developer and StimulusReflex core team member. I’m not sure what codebase I will use as the ground truth for this challenge, there are so many to choose from :see_no_evil:

Take care everyone!

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