Member introductions


Let’s use this parent topic as a place to introduce ourselves, rather than creating hundreds of individual topics per person.

My intro:

  • I’m Ben
  • Currently, I work for myself making courses like this one :).
  • I live in Boston.
  • I mainly write Ruby, but I’ve been enjoying dabbling with Elm and Clojure.
  • I host a podcast where I talk about software and business: The Art of Product.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, my bulleted intro :slight_smile:

  • I’m Tonko
  • Currently living in Assen, The Netherlands
  • Working at a small company here in Assen creating web applications in php
  • I prefer Laravel as framework, but I also enjoy Python with the Django framework
  • Djangogirls coach
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Hi All,

  • I’m Jorge Caballero,
  • I’m from Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails for 5 years now
  • Work at my own software firm and also work for several clients directly

Following suit!

  • I’m Nick
  • I’m from Seattle
  • I’m an engineer at 10,000ft
  • I work in Ruby/Rails and Javascript & React on a daily basis, but am also excited about Elixir

Hey all! I’ll jump on the bullet point wagon as well

  • I’m Brandon
  • I’m from San Francisco
  • Currently work at LightStep building a distributed tracing system
  • Mostly work in Go and recently started learning haskell
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Hi there,

I’m Arian
I live in Berlin, Germany
Currently I use Ruby as my daily language, but I used to do a lot of C# and Java as well


  • Andrew Mason
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Work @ Yelp
  • Write Python during the day, dabble in Rust and Haskell on the side.
    • I also maintain a rails app from my university days.
  • I’m Charley
  • I’m from the Boston area
  • Lately I’ve mostly been writing Ruby, but I’ve dabbled in a lot of languages and quite enjoy Javascript
  • I work at Modo Labs

Hey folks! Excited to learn some new things.

  • I’m Robert Honsby.
  • I’m a Bay Area native living in Oakland and currently work for Lyft.
  • I’ve worked with Ruby and RoR in the past, but most of my work now is TypeScript/React and Python/Flask.

Following suit!

  • I’m Joel
  • I live in Somerset, UK
  • I mainly write Ruby and CoffeeScript, but I’ve been dabbling with Crystal.
  • I’m currently packing up ready to move my family out to Ottawa and start at Shopify.
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Hi all!

  • I’m Pedro Moreira

  • I live in Porto, Portugal after some years of living in the UK (nothing like home!)

  • I work remotely for Specle, where I am the CTO

  • Ruby is my main language, but I am delving in Elixir and keen to learn from other paradigms.

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Hello wonderful people.

  • I am Adnan from Munich, Germany.
  • I am a PHP backend developer.
  • I started working at 7 months ago.
  • We print customer pictures in all kinds of ways.
  • Our codebase has a lot of legacy code so I joined the code challenge to try and improve the code.


  • I’m Sumeet.
  • I live in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
  • Rails/JavaScript is my wheelhouse, but I’ve been dabbling a bit with Elixir.

Excited to begin!

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  • I’m Nick Loadholtes from Atlanta
  • I’m a Python developer
  • And I’m excited to see what I can learn from this course! :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone!


  • I’m Dakota
  • I work for Nextpoint on a document management platform for litigators
  • I live in Denver, CO
  • I’ve been writing Ruby since 2006
  • I enjoy alpine skiing

Hello all!

  • I’m Jake Worth
  • I am a developer at Hashrocket in Chicago
  • I write mostly Ruby and JavaScript, and maintain an Elixir/Phoenix project that will be the focus of this challenge
  • I like to write, speak, and organize Chicago’s Vim Meetup

Hello everyone, my name is Alen. :slight_smile:

  • I live now in Belgium but originally I am from Bosnia.
  • In Brussels I was coach for 2-day event for Rails Girls Brussels.
  • I am trying to gain more experience in Ruby, Rails,EmberJs and Javascript in general. Currently I’m working as freelancer for one client from NY. My designing skills are bad. :frowning:
  • In Bosnia I was working as Data analyst and developer (mostly Windows Forms) for pharmaceutical company Krka for 8 years.

Glad to be here, and looking forward to meet you and learn something new.