Cohort 2 Introductions


Let’s use this parent topic as a place to introduce ourselves, rather than creating hundreds of individual topics per person.

My intro:

  • I’m Ben
  • Currently, I work for myself making courses like this one :).
  • My latest course (other than the CQC) is Refactoring Rails. If you’re an intermediate to advanced Rails dev, you might enjoy it.
  • I live in Boston.
  • I mainly write Ruby, but I’ve been enjoying dabbling with Elm and Clojure.
  • I host a podcast where I talk about software and business: The Art of Product.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you :slight_smile:

  • Matt
  • CTO of Quantifi, an Indianapolis, IN based adTech company
  • I mainly write Ruby and Python. My team also writes Javascript / Typescript
  • I make the best scones in the midwest @brownscones on instagram


I’m Taylor! I’m currently finishing up school in the Los Angeles area at Cal Poly Pomona. I mostly do Rails development. Currently I’m responsible for a small codebase for a client overseas - really looking forward to improving my codebase in any way I can.

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My intro:

  • I’m Layne
  • Currently, I work as a backend engineer for Splice
  • I write Go at work and Ruby for funsies.
  • I live in Oakland, CA

Looking forward to the challenge! :hedgehog:

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  • I’m Gilberto
  • I write Ruby, but I’ve been playing around with Elixir (loving it)
  • I work at a consultancy firm based on Colima, Mexico (
  • I’m really excited about the challenge
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:wave: Howdy!

  • My name is Dan
  • I copied this introduction from Cohort 1. I had to drop out after missing a few days because my team went on an excellent retreat. I’m happy to give CQC a second go!
  • I hail from the great state of Kentucky. We have all the horses and bourbon :racehorse::tumbler_glass:
  • I enjoy using boring tools to write boring code that keep users productive and stable
  • I build software for churches with my teammates at Planning Center
  • I’ve been creating bullet lists on forums since the 90’s
  • I don’t have any pets, but maybe someday


  • I’m Simon.
  • I’ve created and run a SaaS for landlords and a hosting service.
  • I live near London in the UK.
  • I mostly write in Python (and Javascript).
  • I’m also a (semi-retired) freelance sysadmin and dev, still supporting some Java, PHP, Perl and Bash based things.
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Hey! I’m Michael. I work for a growing company near Santa Barbara, CA. I mainly write Ruby, Rails, and postgresql. I love improving performance! I enjoy volleyball (indoor and beach).


Hi guys,

  • My name is Clemens and I’m from Vienna, Austria
  • Currently working on - a meta search platform that helps you to find everything instantly on your favourite sites via a traditional context menu approach ( or via a dynamically injected cloud-based iframe (Trufflepiggy - Quick Search)
  • Coding in Javascript for my web extensions and on the server side I use the Symfony framework running on PHP 7.
  • Currently busy porting Context Search improvements back to Quick Search.

Found this via Twitter. I really don’t know what to expect, but can’t wait for the first challenge on Monday :slight_smile:


Hello, all!

  • My name is Brittany and I’m from Pittsburgh, PA
  • I work at a non-profit arts organization as the Rails developer, I have a Frontend partner joining this challenge with me
  • I play roller derby for the Pittsburgh East Roller Villains. My derby name is Norma Skates and my number is 200 (since when I get hit, I’m Status Code: OK)
  • I co-host the Ruby on Rails podcast on the 5 x 5 network (currently on a hiatus)
  • Currently working my way through Udacity’s AI nanodegree (using Python)

Hi, :wave:



Heard about this on The Art of Product podcast. Sounded like fun!

  • I’m Dean.
  • Currently work as a tech lead for a corporate in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • During the day its mostly Java and Javascript with a little iOS dev on the side.
  • At night getting into Clojure, ClojureScript and Swift.
  • Here to learn.
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  • I’m Tom
  • I’m a remote developer (in Austin, TX) at Persado
  • We have a few people from the team joining this cohort from different projects
  • I work in Rails and JS (Angular and React)
  • Excited to learn alongside a community

Hi, I’m Eric

  • Work for Persado, ad tech company in NYC
  • Was in the 1st cohort and took it only mildly seriously, this time got 4 of my co-workers to join. Expecting to do more in it this time
  • mostly work in ruby/rails and javascript/react
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  • I’m Kyle
  • I’m co-founder/CTO of PASS Training & Compliance
  • I live in Indianapolis
  • I’m the sole Ruby on Rails developer for our products

twitter and instagram are also @kylekeesling

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Hey all :wave:

  • I’m Danny (last name pronounced as my username)
  • I’m a Software Engineer at 4moms (a Pittsburgh, PA baby products company)
  • I do a little bit of everything from iOS (ObjC, but hoping to dabble with Swift more soon!), to Ruby on Rails, to Salesforce, and whatever else comes up
  • I listen to Ben & Derrick’s podcast (what brought me here) as well as probably 20 more hours a week
  • I’m a Survivor addict (yes - it’s still on the air 17 years later :slight_smile: )
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  • Daniel
  • NYC
  • Mostly Ruby and Rails
  • Was in the first cohort, want to do it again with another codebase
  • Used to be a professor of music theory and composition
  • @dodecadaniel on twitter


  • I’m Kevin
  • I built Welcome To College as my first Rails site and I work on it full time. My brother started the company in 2010. It was originally developed in .NET by a firm.
  • I just moved to New Orleans in Aug from Cincinnati
  • I attended my first RubyConf back in Nov and loved it.
  • I’m mostly into Ruby, Swift and Vue right now.
  • I DJ and play drums in a band called. Hear stuff at
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Hello all.

  • I am Jamie
  • I am @jwright on Twitter
  • I built and run Tatsu
  • I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. It’s currently really cold outside.
  • I mainly work in Rails and JavaScript but I am working more and more in Elixir
  • I am building Chronic in Elixir, React, and Swift
  • I host a podcast called The Standup
  • I used to be a professional paintball player
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Hello! :wave:

  • I’m Pedro
  • I work as a Rails developer at Union, a company based in Washington DC.
  • I work remotely from Coimbra, Portugal, where I’m from.
  • Ruby is my go-to language, but I’ve been experimenting with Elixir and Elm. I also do React :+1:
  • Excited to improve my skills and to apply what I learn in our now 3 years old app at work and on my personal projects!