Meeting up in London

Hello Londoners,

This is a thread for those of us based in London interesting on meeting up at some point, maybe applying some local peer pressure to keep us on track.

@Trax, @ebrett, let’s talk here about meeting up.


Please keep making threads like these! I love seeing them. :grin:

Hi @pupeno!

Great plan - where about would work for you all? I’m working in Monument, so anywhere around there would be super for me. And I know a few good cafes in the area…

Warm regards,

At the moment, I work from home, in Wimbledon.

Hi! I work around London Bridge area. I like the idea of meeting up, fine with me. Best, Maria

I’m working in Westminster Mon-Thur

Hey guys. I completely fell off the wagon here. My girlfriend and I bought a house and for the past month or so I’ve been working on it, painting, decorating, assembling furniture and a million small things that came up. I never though buying a house would be a full-time job. Only yesterday I manage to half-put my office back together and still, no Internet access because I can’t find my bag of RJ45s. Arrggh.

How are you guys doing with improving your code quality?