Find an accountability buddy

Right now, enthusiasm is high and compliance will naturally follow. The CQC is still kind of fun and exciting.

Later, enthusiasm will naturally wane.

Let’s prevent this with a proven tactic: an accountability buddy.

Your responsibility as half of an accountability pair is to check in each day with your partner. Just a quick text/email/whatever to confirm that you’ve both done the day’s exercise.

Please post in this topic if you’d like to pair up with someone. If you see someone in this topic who looks promising, reach out them via private message. If you two decide to pair up, your buddy should delete their post.

Again, you don’t have to actually pair program with your buddy, just check in with them once a day (and refuse to accept their excuses about why they’re not going to do the exercise :slight_smile:).


Interesting idea.
Hmm well, I like meeting new people especially coders. If you want to be held accountable. I can make that happen lol.

I’d love to have someone whom I can count on and whom I can motivate. :slight_smile:

I would like to pair up with someone.

I recommended this to @penhlenh and thus each day before starting work, we check in with each other. We’re working on the same project together, so I can go one more and code review and point out some additional improvements to a given exercise.

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If you would like to pair up with someone, please send them a message. There are several people already asking for a pair. Don’t just add your post here and sit back to wait for someone to message you. Be proactive!

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Found a buddy, just wanted to mention that this was a great idea! Was already called out and wrapped up the TODO exercise :smile:

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