Day 24 - Done

Hey folks!

My original plan for an end date for this cohort was Feb 8th, but I’m actually going to go ahead and stop it right now.

The biggest reason is some personal stuff on my end. I have some big changes happening behind the scenes, and can’t give the CQC the love and attention that it deserves.

Thanks so much for participating in this second cohort. I hope you found it valuable despite its brevity.

I’m not sure if I’ll run a third cohort in the future, but if I do, you’ll definitely hear about it.

Keep that code quality high :slight_smile:



Hey Ben,

Hope all is well, or that it gets better soon! :slight_smile: I totally appreciate your time, energy and effort in sharing knowledge and experience. Thank you!!

As far as the future – I would totally “participate” in a 100% automated version of this course, even without the forum. Some days I read posts, some days I don’t. But every day, seeing the email is a useful and interesting task. It’s never “free” to re-run online courses, but I’ve participated in some others that are essentially just good content in maintenance mode, and have still learned a lot. (And I’ll likely be moving one of the courses I work on to such a scheme later this year or next.)

Obviously, the time and attention you decide you want to provide is a huge factor, but there might be some room for flexibility in the future.


Thanks a lot for these days! Haven’t been active in the forum but the daily emails have always brought something to improve what I was working on. All the best!

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Thank U for these daily tasks.
I’ll share some of them in my company.

Thanks for the great experience. Plenty of things I wouldn’t have tried out, improved or completed without this course. Really awesome and good choice of tasks and challenges. CQC really became a habit over the last few weeks.

So thank you Ben and all the best for your challenges ahead from Vienna,

Clemens a.k.a Trufflepiggy

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Thanks ben for this and hoping to hear changes are for good!

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Thank you for the time you put into this @ben. CQC has contributed a lot to a great start of the year for me. For what it’s worth, I’d pay for having something like this even on a weekly basis.

For me, the forum was very important in keeping myself accountable, for read how others were going through the challenges and even for getting some occasional support, which is much appreciated. I’ve been in free email courses before, but never have I participated like I did in CQC. I guess the community matters.

It became a habit for me as well, and I’ll miss it. If someone has good suggestions of where to go next in the code quality journey, I’m all ears! I think I’m going to go over the last cohort’s ideas for new exercises for starters.

Thank you!


Hey @ben, thanks for this great experience.

During these 24 days I’ve learned a lot and I could contribute with my coworkers by sharing with them what I’ve learned within these days.

Most of the execises you sent I’ll do them again in a monthly basis, so I can keep the quality of my code always high.

Thank you for your time and good luck with your projects.


Like others, I’ll also say thank you so much to @ben for facilitating this. The CQC has been a great experience.


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Thanks a lot @ben for the time and effort you put into this challenge and for the excellent exercises :+1: :+1: I really enjoyed this CQC and it helped me to get into the habit of dedicating a bit of time first thing in the morning for all the quality tasks that always fall between the cracks… I plan to keep using this time slot in my calendar for doing quality tasks every morning.
Thanks also for all the participants! I did a lot of self study online but having an active community really helped me to stay motivated and catch up even if I missed a day here and there. I also picked up a lot of useful tips and tools for future reference!

Best of luck for the future!


Thank you very much @ben for these daily tasks.

I broke my resolution almost immediately by not doing one per day, but it was fun nonetheless and it was interesting to read the forum comments.

I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’m coding in Swift and using Xcode, as I get the feeling that the majority of the people on your list are way more sophisticated programmers using a much more advanced language. But I got quite a bit out of this in any case.

Thanks again for all of your work and I hope to hear updates thru the podcast.


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