Day 29 - Other things you might like

We have just one day left, so I wanted to take this chance to point you at some other things I’ve done/am doing in case you enjoyed this experience and want more.

I’m building a company.

I quit my job to build a company called Tuple. We’re making a tool to enable remote pair programming. If you liked ScreenHero before it got acquired, I think you’ll like what we’re building. You can enter your email on that landing page to stay in the loop.

I co-host a podcast.

I podcast every week with my buddy Derrick Reimer. We’re both developers building software companies, so we talk about a mix of programming and business.

I created a course on refactoring Rails apps.

I’ve been writing and maintaining Rails apps for 8 years (including 6 at thoughtbot). This course contains the hard-won wisdom I wish I’d had when I got started.

I tweet programming tips.

I’m @r00k on Twitter. I tweet programming tips at a low volume.

Questions? Ask away!

Every business needs a boost from time to time - is an application that I ue for my Instagram account, it is a tool that allows me to stay tuned for my audience changes and keep trust between me and my clients.