What should we call the daily "things"?

Every Monday through Friday, I’m going to send out a thing for everyone to do.

What should the daily things be called?

  • Exercises
  • Challenges
  • Assignments
  • Something else?

For now, I’m going to use “exercise,” but I’m open to changing that.

“Misson”? It’s something you can choose to accept and it feels good when you complete one.


I like “exercise”. We’re sort of “working out” our programming brain muscles, yeah?


You should call them benastics


I’d vote for Challenges


I like the wording of Challenges


Just imagine you got an email with a subject like these:

  • You have a new exercise
    OO no, I don’t want to do more exercises…

  • You have a new challenge
    OO yeah, challenge accepted!


I can see two types of answer:

  • Exercise-like names imply that the task should be small, easy, and mechanical
  • Challenge-like names imply that the task should be something more challenging and something to celebrate due to the difficulty of the task

Personally, I like exercise given the way you’ve talked about the overall challenge.


Put me down for “objective”…


How about “activity”?

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  1. Challenge +2
  2. Exercise +1
  3. Assignment -1
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Isn’t challenge here to do all the “things” you’ll be sending over those 30 days? In that sense, calling those individual things Challenges doesn’t really make sense to me.

Assignment implies it’s something you have to do, so it’s not really a challenge to do it, as it’s implied you will do it.

Exercise keeps the mood light and to me implies optionality, hence the challenging part is to stick with it for all 30 days.

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I like ‘exercise’ more. Like @travis said, we are training our brains here.


Embrace yourselves for the upcoming EXERCISES of this 30-day challenge!

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If you want to keep the word challenge for the 30-day cycle…
I would go for missions to accomplish the quality challenge :tada:

I like the name Challenge, focuses on the idea of a daily challenge.

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I think Challenge might better fit here because we already call the program “30-Day Code Quality Challenge”.

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I like “challenge”, mostly because I prefer to be challenged much more than I prefer to exercise. Exercise is something I usually have to make myself do :stuck_out_tongue:

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What I’d like to get out of this course is an improved codebase. “Exercise” makes me thing more of something to improve my skills, rather than act on the code quality.

“Challenges” or “actions” make more sense to me.

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