Sending timing is off

Looks like exercises are going out a full day early. Sorry about that. Working on it :).

To be clear: Day 1 should be done on Monday.


I’m actually loving it - I have the exercises are waiting for me in the office when I get in in the morning (Brisbane time GMT +10) … perfect timing for me :smile:

@ben for challenge #23 the email timing was right again. I’m +1 GMT and email arrived at 6:48am. Perfect for me.

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@ben it’s actually going out way too late. The first day says:

  1. I strongly recommend you attempt each exercise as the first thing you do in your work day. If you plan to fit it in “at some point today,” it’ll be super easy to never get around to it. If possible, try to get the exercise done before you even check email or Slack.

That’s kinda impossible. If I ignore the fact that it’s an e-mail recommending to be read before checking e-mails, I got it around 10 AM, CEST, over 2 hours into my work day. I assume, I’m not the only one in Europe.

European here, too. I just have the forum as my start page so I’m not dependent on the email…

Sorry about that!

I’m going to push back the sending time a bit, which will hopefully accommodate my friends across the pond :slight_smile:

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