Problem with reaching the forum over VPN


Are more people having problems with reaching the forum when using a VPN? I’m trying to reach the forum while connected to Tunnelbear, but somehow I get a connection failed error when trying to teach No problems with other domains though.

I am using Pulse, and it’s working for me. Maybe it is some configuration issue :thinking:

Hm, this might, in fact, be a Tunnelbear issue… Because when I have Tunnelbear enabled the forum cannot load, but when I enable Private Internet Access (Another VPN service) in my browser only it works.

The thing is, you might struggle reaching it as you using tunnel VPN protocol service, not the Open VPN one like Do a little change and you’ll be good.

I’m using TunnelBear VPN free trial and also check the TunnelBear review. Its really good VPN since that still I’m using TunnelBear without any issue.

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