Missing Emails?

Hello! To clarify, emails are sent M-F for 30 days… so for example there is no day 6 or 7 because those would be weekend days.

However, a handful of CQC participants missed some emails due to our email sender flagging emails to them as soft bounced. If this is you, you should start receiving emails from us again tomorrow!

Here are some reasons you might end up in a soft bounce state:

  • Our email senders system receives a ‘bounce’ from your email provider.
  • You manually mark your email as SPAM
  • Our emails get blocked by your spam filter

Thank you! I was one of the people who missed the first few e-mails – I assumed I’d not managed to register properly as I had no confirmation e-mail (and remembered doing in a hurry), so was super pleasantly surprised to see an e-mail in my mailbox this morning!

So sorry about that!! What a bummer. Glad you are receiving them now :slight_smile: