Is the email delivery time localised?


Thanks for doing this, I enjoy listening to your podcast and I’m looking forward to completing the challenge (or at least attempting to! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

In the intro mail you suggested doing the daily challenge first thing M-F so I was just wondering if the email delivery time is localised? I’m in Sydney (+11 GMT) so even if the emails go out at 3 or 4am for the US east coast our work day is well and truly done.

No problem if they aren’t, I’m happy to do Monday’s challenge on Tuesday and wait till Monday to do the Friday challenge with my colleague.

Thanks again!

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Good question!

I’m going to try to localize times for this cohort.

We’ll see how it goes. A lot depends on Drip knowing which timezone you’re in.

That would be sweet if the timezone works out!

Jacob Dobson
iOS Developer

I already had the same thoughts. Good point Matt :ok_hand:.

@ben if you can work this out I would be GMT +1. Thank you.

FYI, I received ‘Day 2’ on Monday morning. (GMT+1 / CET)


Similarly: I’m EST and received Day 1 at 3:38PM Sunday, and Day 2 at 4:00AM Monday.

I’m GMT+1/CET and received Day 1 at 21:38 Sunday evening.

I’m in Norway (UTC+1) and received day 1 Sunday night at 9:38pm, and day 2 Monday morning at 10am.