Day 30 - Reflect on your experience

You made it! Well done, you.

For this, our final task, please reflect upon your experience. Consider flipping back through the older threads to refresh your memory of the exercises.

When you do, please share what arises on this forum thread (or via email, if you prefer).

Constructive criticism, observations, ideas for the next cohort, key takeaways, and questions are all welcome.

I truly enjoyed running this course for all of you. Thanks so much for your feedback, and especially your enthusiasm. Your excitement was contagious, and made the work of producing the course feel light.

Thanks again for being part of this. This 30-day challenge is over, but let’s stay in touch. I’m @r00k on Twitter, and if you would like to know more about my company, Tuple, you can check us out here.


I had quite a bit of fun. I might continue in February to do that small 20 min incremental fixes.

I especially like the ones that improved my toolbox of things to use. Like the git churn alias.


Awesome to hear this!!

I enjoyed thinking and working on those small tasks and granular do some improvements to an application on a daily basis.

I skipped some tasks, because sometimes I did a similar cleanup or enhancement before. Or I already knew that it would be a bigger task when done right.

But I enjoyed the whole experience. And I kept all emails, they are a great resource and reference when working with other legacy applications in the future.

Thanks for this challenge!