Day 30 - Reflect on your experience

It was great, I started applying the challenge in some personal repos but since the TODO challenge I started to apply the changes in my job project, This challenge helps us to do decluttering in some parts of the app, we deleted about 100 stale branches and we identified dead code.

Thanks, @dorothy & @ben for this initiative. See you in the next edition.


really happy that I participated. The tasks were great, very reassuring when it was something that I’ve already on my mind when working. Starting the day with it worked better than leaving it for later. :slight_smile:

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I’m thankful for the opportunity, and this forum has also encouraged me. What you sowed over the last 30 days will undoubtedly have an impact on our ongoing work and learning. :raised_hands:t3:

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I was hesitant to write here since my overall participation was quite low but I am very grateful for your efforts @dorothy and @ben and wanted to express it. I learnt a lot from the few days that I did participate and hope to sign up again and participate more actively next time. Thanks again for all your efforts.


It was a fun experience! 30 days of learning! Awesome!

I really loved the churn binary and already using it.



  • The power of 20 minute tasks. I’ve switched my pomodoro timer to 20 minutes now.
  • You don’t have to do everyday but do as many as you can. Especially with vacations are looming work deadlines
  • I got to learn my work codebase better
  • I have a list of favorite 20 minute tasks that I can do on any given day

What went well:

  • Running the course bi-monthly instead of monthly
  • Challenge of the day being emailed to my inbox
  • Working with my co-worker through these

What could be improved:

  • I would prefer if the days were numbered 1-20 but that’s just me (5 times a week for 4 weeks)

I can’t wait for the rest of the engineers I work with to give this a shot. Thank you so much for the experience and the Tuple swag! I can’t wait to wear my Pear Programming shirt!

Thanks for organizing the challenge. Some of the challenges were really interesting and unexpected, and things I didn’t consider before.

I found it hard to follow through on each and every one of the challenges, since some didn’t fit either my project or my tech stack. I don’t have a database for example, so didn’t need to review the DB schema on day 22. But I’m sure that I will revisit the list of challenges once in a while to do some housekeeping in my projects…

Overall very happy with the outcome and content. :slight_smile: