Day 3 - Get rid of a warning

Today’s exercise: get rid of a warning you’ve gotten used to ignoring.

Chances are, your code prints at least one warning during one of the following:

  • Booting your code
  • Running your tests
  • Installing dependencies
  • Deploying your app

These warnings are easy to learn to ignore with time, but there are two problems with that:

  1. Many warnings (like a deprecation warning) will turn into full-blown issues later on. This will tend to happen at inconvenient times.
  2. They act as a “broken window”: an indication that your codebase isn’t receiving the fastidious love and care it needs. These small messes quietly demonstrate to your team that messes are tolerated, and can often result in more. (More on “broken windows” )

So, today’s task is to try to nuke at least one warning.

If you boot your app, run your tests, install your dependencies, and deploy with no warnings, congrats! Enjoy your day off.

Otherwise, see if you can eliminate a broken window.

Good luck!