Day 29 - Extract Method

Today’s task is all about improving readability.

Investigate your larger methods, especially ones longer than 10 lines. Do you see any groups of functionality that could be extracted out into smaller, more clearly named, methods?

For example:

# Sanitize Input

escaped_input =

stripped_input =

censored_input =

Here we are doing things that sanitize input, so these could be pulled out into a new method called sanitize_input. Then we could also remove the associated comment, since the name clearly describes what is happening.

def sanitize_input(input)

  escaped_input =

  stripped_input =


By pulling out small, clearly named methods, our code will not require readers to sift through implementation details or rely on comments in order to understand what is being done. It also can help us remove duplicated code, because we can now use this new smaller method again elsewhere.

Take 20 minutes to see if you can find some code that would benefit from this refactor, and if so update it.