Day 23 - RTFM, please

Today’s challenge: spend 20 minutes reading the docs for something you’d like to know a little better.

Ideally, this should be something that’s already in your dev toolchain or used by your app. That’ll let you apply what you learn right away.

You might want to investigate the docs for one of these:

  • Your text editor. Vim users: type :h , search for “Editing Effectively” or “Tuning Vim”, read one of the docs in that section.
  • Your database. Any unused features you might leverage?.
  • A library or framework you use frequently. Have recent releases added anything useful?
  • Your shell. Can you optimize your workflows? Refactor a shell script? Improve your prompt?
  • Your programming language. Anything new or unexplored there?

If you discover something new, try to use it right away. If you can’t, maybe jot it down on a sheet of paper next to your keyboard so you remember to try it later. I do this often to teach myself new Vim commands. Once the new stuff is in my muscle memory, I throw the sheet away.