Day 2 - Nuke TODO comments

I found some TODOs - about 4y old. Some of them are cleaned, some of them are transferred into PM tool.
Some TODOs cannot be cleaned, because they are used to launch the app in new environment like: TODO: add a key. Maybe there’s a better way though.

Quite a few todos in this old and fairly large project; the oldest I found was from 2012, about when the project started (that specific todo wasn’t deleted though).

I found a nice one that read something like “verify password quality”. Becuase the infrastructure has since been put in place to do just that, I just added the check and deleted the todo. It’s done! Yay!

Done! I did just a few of them and it was 19 files.

Given the backlog size our team has, TODOs have higher visibility than the tickets to address them :slight_smile:
So I tend to keep TODOs as a reminders as well

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I had to fight the urge ‘Come on, this is quite small, let’s fix it real quick’
Anyway, purged 1, solved 1 and created 3 tasks - the earliest TODO I’ve seen is Feb, 2019

Found some TODO for something along the line of “write the tests for this and that”… so, I took the opportunity to do just that… stronger tests coverage, less TODO notes… :+1:

Hello everyone,

I found only one TODO I my current project.
Great advice to remove it and create an ticket to track it!

I took just one week old project. README contained like 8 TODOs from which 2 were obsolete and some are really worth resolving.

From now on i will call “TODO” a “hidden issue”

I found over 150 to-do comments with the oldest being almost 5 years old.

Made a little progress in the 20 minutes but have a long ways to go :sweat_smile:


Didn’t check the age, but found this in a Sass, (CSS), file:
/* @TODO: Don’t forget to re-add bullets for IE7 */

I think I can just delete that…


20 minutes gave me some headway on fixing some of the 280 TODOs, will see if me and the team can get the rest converted into Issues instead!

I fixed one TODO because at the time I wrote that piece of code, Enum.frequencies was not yet available in Elixir’s standard library, so I have to write a custom function.

I only deleted my custom function and called the standard one.

I also checked that this code was already covered by tests.

This TODO was from 2020-02-14, almost a year ago.

I have refactored a component so that it could be used in many places.

We thought we were good by putting links to where we’re tracking them, but they were badly out of date. We haven’t used Trello or GitHub projects in several years, yet there were still several TODO links. Backlinks aren’t very helpful when they go to 404s!


This was another fun one! I cleaned up a couple of TODO’s that I left behind from a project.

I just got rid of comments that were added by the boilerplate project. I have no habit of adding TODO comments, instead issues/tickets.

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No TODOs to be found :frowning:

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I Found no TODOs in my code base, which I think is good!

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I used my twenty minutes to delete one TODO from a client codebase. It was an outdated ‘clean this up’ comment from the initial commit.

I tried to delete more TODOs and struggled. Many I found suggested something desirable but lacked any of the context to get it done. Or suggested a refactor to a working, important, and untested part of the application. My takeaway: TODO comments are bad because they are very hard to resolve.

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Several projects didn’t have any. Several had outdated ones that could be removed. In two instances there were associated commented code which I enjoyed deleting. And several had suggestions from my former self about wish-list improvements – much broader than can be attended to at the moment; I left them. My team of two doesn’t work off a formal ticket or issues system, and better have them here then lost in the ideas pile of my notebook.

Left it better than I found it.