Day 1 - Clean up your README

Very late because of Covid but finally here!

This was a great challenge. The main app that we are working on does not have a personalized README. It was the default Laravel README file.
One thing that I was realizing over and over again was that the points that I am writing are things I usually explain to team members every week without writing them in one place. So from now on, I can direct them to the README file.

Thanks, @ben !!

I’m playing catch up on the challenge too, after taking some time off earlier in the week.

There are two projects at work I’m considering “in scope” for the CQC this time. In 20 minutes I worked through about half of one project’s README. Mostly I updated and added links, and added one example test command that was missing.

Reading through reminded me that the repo name, which contained a -, occasionally caused problems when Python wanted to interpret it as a module name, so I updated the repo name as well. The default clone command now gives a more functional clone.

It also reminded me that I could update the base version of Python. It isn’t too far out of date, but 3.11 is getting good reviews. Maybe that will fit in a challenge later?

Hi @dorothy I am catching up today but I am a bit confused. When we start off setting up a READE, is it on a common repository everyone is looking at, if not we start off with our own repo and start with a goal in mind to what the repo is going to do ?

@raghavbairy if you have an existing one on a personal project, you could clean that one up. Or, if you have one in a project at work, you could do that one as well.

For clarity, this exercise is to clean up an existing README, not to make a new one :smile:.

Thank you @dorothy makes sense.

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