Day 0 - Introduce yourself!

Hello! I’m Nick DeNardis.

  • I oversee the Web Communications at Wayne State University in Detroit.
  • We’re set up like an agency within the university and manage 550+ individual sites (each with their own repo) including a homegrown CMS, Events Calendar, RSVP system and Form creator.
  • Our sites are based on a living open source Laravel base styleguide that we adapt every day.
  • I run the Laravel Detroit and Refresh Detroit meetup groups, Technical Director for TEDxDetroit and an avid runner.

Excited for the challenge :slight_smile:

:wave: I’m Derrick.

  • I’m building Level, an async-first alternative to Slack for software teams.
  • Current stack: Elixir + Elm + GraphQL.
  • Living in Minneapolis, MN.

I’m contractually obligated take course this as @ben’s podcast co-host.


Hi, I’m Philippe.

  • I currently live in Brazil.
  • I mainly write Javascript, but also do some PHP and Golang.
  • I’ve once signed up for this and never finished. :sob: This time I hope to make it all the way through. :muscle:

Hi, I’m Tyler.

  • I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • I mainly write JavaScript, Go, and PHP.
  • I’m hoping to become a better programmer by doing this.

Hey everyone, I’m Varun,

  • I live in Sydney and work as a dev @ Newington College
  • I mainly write in Ruby (on Rails) and starting into React.
  • Joined this after receiving a request by a colleague; He is very competitive and I hope to beat him at finishing this challenge :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m Matt

  • I too live in Sydney and work @ Newington College
  • During the day I’m learning Ruby (on Rails) and sometimes at night I’m learning Swift
  • I’m good at starting things but not so great at follow through so I’m hoping that by participating in this challenge (with @vmhatre) I’ll make some solid progress in my dev skills and consistency

Hellos, I’m Hass :wave:

  • I love writing Ruby
  • I work remotely with Red Guava
  • I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I missed the previous CQC by a few days and I’m really excited to be on this one!

Hi, I’m Matt

  • Write mainly ruby
  • Work and live in Melbourne, Australia

Hi, I’m Gio

I’m on a mission to help developers with testing and automation, so they can get more done with more confidence.

  • I live in Melbourne, Australia
  • I work for iflix the video streaming service for emerging markets. I look after the backbone and CI of the iOS app.
  • I blog about testing and automation at, although it’s sort of on hold now. I also run and

This is my 3rd CQC. I plan to do it on an old Ruby on Rails backend that I’m maintaining.

I’m super excited to learn new tricks and techniques with you all.

@spheric @jaylynch @dylanpinn we should all get a coffee together some time :blush:.

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Hi Forum

  • I’m Cyril from Switzerland
  • I mainly program in C for Embedded Systems…
  • … and in C++ for PCs
  • I play Basketball and started riding downhill bike


  • I’m Julian from Austria
  • I work with PHP (Laravel) and JS
  • But I’m trying out more statically typed languages like Go or Rust
  • I joined after listening to fullstackradio

Mathias Grimm here.
Currently living and working in Berlin Germany.
Being paid to write ifs since 2005, mainly in php.


  • I’m Nate
  • I live in Beijing
  • I write PHP and Javascript

Lauren here,

  • I live in Newcastle, UK

  • I am an entry-level dev working on .Net enterprise-level business software

  • Running, cooking, design and gardening make me happy

  • Absolutely loving learning more every day

Let’s do this!

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Hey, I’m Craig.

  • I write Ruby on Rails
  • I live in NW England on the Wirral (Near Liverpool)
  • I work full time at Yozu, but also work self-employed with Calajo
  • Looking forward to kicking some ass with CQC

Hi, I’m Brett.

  • A Ruby/Rails contractor in London, started recently on SteelScout.
  • I started the challenge the first time it ran, but was unable to finish. I’m working on a different code base this time, so thought I’d give it another try.
  • When not coding I like to sing, reading comics and general geekery, and you can find me on Twitter

Hi, I’m Kilian.

  • C++ programmer
  • Python/Django programmer
  • I live in Montpellier, France
  • I work full time at Snapkin

@ben - Just FYI, I’m getting an error editing my post.

I’m only trying to add my Twitter.

Hi! I am Sarah

    1. I write Ruby
    1. Work on OnTheGoSystems with a small team of 2 more Ruby developers