Day 0 - Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone!

  • I’m Luciano
  • I’m developer at Ombu Labs
  • I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • I mainly write Ruby :gem: and JavaScript
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Hi, I’m Andreas

I recently graduated college and moved from Northern Virginia to Southern California. I work for a small but growing SaaS company. I write mostly Java and JavaScript. I’m excited to learn what CQC has to offer!

Hi, I’m Jack

  • Just started a new job Monday, so some of these may be challenging.
  • Mostly Ruby (on Rails), but delving into some FP as well.
  • Terrible at finishing things, so hopefully I’ll stick this out to the end!

Hi everyone!

  • I’m Linghao,
  • I’m a graduate student at CMU. I will start working at Google in November.
  • I live in Pittsburgh.
  • I mainly write Python.
  • I spent most of my time on machine learning stuff. I also had some experience developing web apps (things like Django/Flask/Express/Angular/Vue).

Look forward to learning about how to improve code quality here!


  • I’m Derek
  • .Net developer by day
  • Experiments with other languages by night - Ruby, Elixir, Python
  • I live in the North East of England
  • Co-organizer for our local .Net developer group.
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Hello everyone! I’m Greg

  • I live in Cincinnati, OH
  • I’m a Web Developer & UI Designer at the University of Cincinnati Foundation
    • Manage websites for UC Foundation and Alumni Association
    • Develop Email templates
  • Develop custom WordPress websites
  • Portfolio was done using Ruby on Rails (
  • Went to my first conference this year. Smashing Conferece in San Francisco, CA
  • Enjoy learning new technologies via online courses.

Hello all! I’m Terri

  • I live in Atlanta
  • During the day I write mostly Java (Spring Boot) + Node & Python here and there
  • At night I work on Android (Java, starting to learn Kotlin soon)
  • I’m a former Performance Tester so I love improving my code quality & test coverage

Hi, I’m Matt

  • I work in Ruby, but I’m also interested in Elixir
  • I live in San Francisco
  • I work for a fintech startup named LendingHome (we’re hiring!)
  • I’m working on a side SaaS business (in Ruby for now)

Hi, I’m Jose from Spain (Barcelona).

Usually code in Python, but also Javascript, C#, C/C++
Also have coded some games in Unity3D.
Learning (always!) on many topics (mostly related to Artificial Intelligence).

I’m sure we’ll have a great time here :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

I’m Tim.

I live in Minsk, Belarus.

  • I use Ruby/Rails for application development.
  • Sometimes I compose music.
  • Hope to improve my skills and have fun and productive time here with you!

Hi everyone! I’m Thiago from Brazil!

  • I’m a Rails developer

  • In my free time i like to play guitar and cavaquinho (kind of a small guitar)

  • I’m excited to improve my code quality!

  • I’m Igbanam
  • I live in Lagos, Nigeria
  • I work with Andela
  • I speak Ruby fluently; still trying to pick up Elixir

Pleasure to meet you all

HI I’m Robbie.

I mainly focus on Javascript (Node.js, React,js ,… )
I live in the DC Metro Area
I am a community organizer (Alexandria & DC Code & Coffee events, NodeSchool DC, NodeDC
I am a Digital Service Expert for the United States Digital Service
Hoping to work thru this course and help apply these principals to current / future projects!


I‘m Eike from Berlin, Germany. I‘m a ruby on rails developer, but I do frontend as well. Looking forward to this challenge, which I first heard about in the podcast.



I’m Sally.
I’m an iOS developer.
Looking forward to the challenge!

Hello, world!

I’m Jay, I’m from Melbourne, Australia – I spend most of my time building one of the more popular local city guides here:

I signed up for this once before but struggled to find the time, things have calmed down a bit so I’m quite looking forward to cleaning up some code!

Most of what we do is Python and JS but it’s very horses for courses so we have all sorts of other things going on as well.

Hello everyone!

I am Ting from Boston MA. I mainly use JavaScript. I am learning Python and Java now. Hope to learn from everyone of you and improve my tech skills. Looking forward to the challenges!

Hiya guys!

  • I’m Ignatius
  • Originally from Indonesia, currently living in Japan
  • Mainly doing both frontend (React) and backend (Rails) with Voyagin
  • Playing around with Elixir, Elm, and some Rust on the side

Last round was quite fun and eye opening, ready for some more! :smiley:

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  • I’m Nathan.
  • I’m a software developer, primarily with Ruby and Rails, lately that’s been around troubleshooting and performance optimizations.


  • I’m Dylan
  • From Melbourne, Australia
  • Mainly doing Rails and React